Ohio University Represented at 2014 Portland National College Fair

Ohio University was one of the more than 275 colleges represented at the 2014 Portland National College Fair at the Oregon Convention Center on Sunday and Monday November 2-3.  The booth was staffed by your Oregon-based volunteers on the chapter leadership committee, including Andrea Brunet, Victor Roehm, Chris James and his dad (who flew in all the way from Ohio for the event…OK he was already going to visit anyway…) on Sunday, and David Smith and Jason Kent on Monday.  The booth was very busy both days with prospective Bobcats and we referred more than 100+ students to Ohio’s Office of Admissions.

As luck would have it, our friends at Miami University were two booths away.  My observation was that they had smaller crowds than our booth and most of the questions they got were “Why in the heck is there a Miami in Ohio?”  Just have to say I’m SO glad to be a Bobcat!

The Portland National College Fair is an important event to promote Ohio University here in the Pacific Northwest.  I think it shows well that the Ohio booth is staffed by knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and personable volunteer alumni when most of the other colleges send paid staff.  Ohio University and Miami were the only two colleges from Ohio at the college fair.

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Oregon Chapter Officer Descriptions

Below are the descriptions of the officer roles for the Oregon Chapter of the Ohio U. Alumni Association as given in the Oregon Chapter By-Laws.  All positions are up for re-election this June, and several positions will not have an “incumbent” because of term limits.

Not described below is the At-Large position, which really doesn’t have a description – At-Large officers just are asked to come to the 3x-yearly meetings and provide input.

  1. President.  The President is the Chapter leader and presides at all Chapter meetings.  The President oversees responsibilities of all Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs, guides the Chapter network calendar of events, and acts as the primary liaison to the Ohio University Alumni Association and other Chapters, Societies, and Chapter Networks.  At the conclusion of his/her term, the President shall serve as a member of the Steering Committee.
  1. Vice-President.  The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President, perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President.  The Vice-President shall perform duties as described by the President and the Steering Committee, and shall be an ex-officio member of all Chapter committees.
  1. Secretary.  The Secretary shall keep accurate accounts of all meetings of the Chapter and Steering Committee, and shall give notice of all general and special meetings of the Chapter.  The Secretary shall assist the President in completing the annual report to the Ohio University Office of Alumni Relations.  The Secretary is the custodian of the Chapter member contact list(s) and shall actively maintain this/these list(s).  The Secretary shall communicate news of events to the Office of Alumni Relations by completing and submitting “Chapter Event Notifications” at least ten weeks prior to the event date and “Chapter Event Evaluations” no more than two weeks after the event date.  The Secretary shall also collect, prepare, and publicize the Chapter Calls for Nominations of Officers, the Officer ballot and candidate biographies, and the Officer ballot.  
  1. Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall collect, deposit, and disburse all monies related to Chapter business.  The Treasurer shall maintain the Chapter checking account and prepare annual financial statements and report on Chapter finances at each meeting of the Steering Committee and Executive Committee.  The Treasurer is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Chapter’s non-profit status and filing the Chapter tax return if applicable.   



Three standing committees shall be active at all times.  Ad hoc committees may be created at the discretion of the Executive Committee and/or the Steering Committee.

  1. Community Service.  The goal of the Community Service Committee is to select and vet local charities, philanthropies, and/or community-oriented organizations for the commitment of Chapter resources, and plan and execute community service events on behalf of the Chapter.  The community service committee shall set up events, fundraising campaigns, or other means for Chapter members, friends and family to donate time, money, or other resources for the greater good of the Community.  At least one community service event shall be held each calendar year that will allow Chapter members, friends and family to work together for an altruistic, community-based cause.  Involvement by Chapter members in community service events shall be voluntary.  Community service events and philanthropies shall reflect positively on the Chapter and on Ohio University and the Ohio University Alumni Association.  The Community Service Committee Chair shall assist the Secretary in developing applicable Chapter Event Notification and Chapter Event Evaluation documents in a timely manner.
  1. Technology.  The goal of the Technology Committee is to provide the link for communications between the Chapter Executive Committee and the members.  Roles of the technology Committee include developing and maintaining the Chapter website, social media, and email lists.  The Technology Committee Chair will work with the Secretary to communicate Chapter events, meeting minutes, and other notifications to the Chapter members.  The Technology Committee shall also include a Chapter Historian that documents Chapter events by photograph, video and/or audio recordings.  Implements of the Technology Committee shall reflect positively on the Chapter and on Ohio University and the Ohio University Alumni Association. 
  1. Social.  The goal of the Social Committee is to plan and execute social and networking gatherings for the Chapter members, friends and family.  The purpose of these events is to create opportunities for Chapter members, friends and family to interact in a comfortable and fun setting, and to foster member camaraderie and rapport.  At least three social events shall be held each calendar year and at least one event shall be “family-friendly” to encourage members to bring their children. Social events shall reflect positively on the Chapter and on Ohio University and the Ohio University Alumni Association.  The Social Committee Chair shall assist the Secretary in developing applicable Chapter Event Notification and Chapter Event Evaluation documents in a timely manner.
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Photos from Friends of Trees!

Check out the photos from OU Day at Friends of Trees!  Thanks to 13 Bobcats (actually 10 Bobcats and three significant others) for volunteering to plant trees in the Columbia Children’s Arboretum on Saturday, January 25!


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Ohio Basketball Alumni Newsletter – December 2013

Ohio Basketball Alumni Newsletter - December 2013

Courtesy of Ohio University Athletic Department

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OHIO Basketball Alumni Newsletter – December 2013

OHIO Basketball Alumni Newsletter - December 2013

Courtesy of Ohio University Athletic Department

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Give back to Portland – OU Day with Friends of Trees, Saturday January 25, 2014 – 8:30 AM

When: Saturday, January 25, 2014, 8:45 AM
Where: Columbia Children’s
Arboretum, 10040 NE 6th Dr., Portland

Join fellow Bobcats in Oregon as we give back to our community.  Thanks to Ohio University Alumni and thousands of volunteers from all over the region, Friends of Trees has planted nearly half a million trees in the Portland, Salem, and Eugene communities. This year marks our fifth season of alumni chapter’s community service to Friends of Trees.

This year, we will be planting trees in a unique area – the Columbia Children’s Arboretum in the heart of Northeast Portland.  This public park in the Columbia Slough floodplain has been designated for nature and education since the early 1900’s.  Check out the description of the Arboretum on the Portland Parks & Recreation website: http://www.portlandoregon.gov/parks/finder/index.cfm?&propertyid=15&action=ViewPark

Please arrive between 8:30 and 8:45 AM to register; the planting starts at 9:00 AM.  Wear sturdy shoes and dress for the weather – Friends of Trees will supply the rest.  After the planting, we will go to a nearby establishment for lunch, hot drinks, and Bobcat camaraderie!  Children are welcomed (with supervision).

Please RSVP by January 20 to Steven Guy at steveandam@hotmail.com


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OU vs. Louisville Football Gamewatch – Sunday, Sept 1!

Football season is almost upon us, and what now, the Bobcats are playing on Sundays?!?!  Fear not, our beloved kittens did not get a promotion to the NFL.  ESPN is merely taking advantage of the NFL being still in preseason mode to show Ohio vs. Louisville on their network.  At 12:30 PM Pacific on Sunday, September 1, meet up with fellow Bobcats to watch OU start their 2013 campaign against #9 Louisville.  The Bobcats face a major obstacle in the top 10 Cardinals, but let’s see if they’re up to the task.  The venue is Blitz Ladd – 2239 SE 11th Ave. in SE Portland.  No RSVP required.  See you there in Green & White!  Go BOBCATS!

Per Blitz policy, families with children are welcome in a designated section a few yards away from the OU group.

Blitz Ladd, 2239 SE 11th Ave  Portland, OR
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